Student Leadership

Encouraging students to actively participate.

Students at Berendale School are encouraged to actively participate in the school community, demonstrating leadership and showcasing their strengths and capabilities. Student are recognised for their ability to show their leadership qualities within the school environment.

Students are provided the opportunity to extend their responsibilities within the school by applying for student leadership positions.

As part of the Year 12 Program, students undertake the process of preparing a leadership speech, which is presented to their peers. This is a significant milestone, providing students with the opportunity to experience public speaking whilst reflecting on their personal strengths.

“The Year 12’s practised their speeches and received feedback from their friends and teachers. Students were nervous doing the speech but everyone had a go.”– Year 12 Student

“We wrote our ideas for planning a great School Leader speech… We gave each other feedback about our body language, posture, eye contact, word choice, voice, pace, use of time and confidence.” – Year 12 Student

2021 Student Leadership Team.

The following students are acknowledged as the 2021 Student Leadership Team.

School CaptainAnthony
School CaptainNavishka
Sports CaptainAdam
Sports Captain Ieva
Arts Captain Shanaya
Community CaptainEdward